New Stain, Soda Sopa


Hey everyone! We have our new CBD strains nearly ready for the shelf! Jack Heron and Wife will be tested and ready for sale in the coming weeks. These strains have a high CBD content and are excellent for those seeking a weed that provides great medicinal relief of pain and inflammation along with many other benefits. Jack Heron should be on the shelf next week and Wife with follow shortly as they go through the testing process. Come on in and check them out! Feel free to give us a call and see what we have on the shelf. Our bud tenders are happy to take your call and answer your questions! We will also have a variety of new strains coming very soon including Grape Ape, Soda Sopa and Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien, just to name a few!

On the concentrate side, our shelves are stocked with Chroma Oil! This product from Evolab is cannabis stripped down to its purest form, and it will blow away everything else you have tried! It is some of the prettiest oil you have seen and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Kandy Pens have also graced our shelves. These pens come with a lifetime – yes, I said LIFETIME – warranty. Now that is a deal that can’t be beat! The slim, clean look of these pens makes them very discreet and they are user friendly. Along with the Kandy Pens you will find a huge selection of one hitters, spoon pipes, bongs, usual pipes and just about anything you would want in a pipe! Come in and check out our selection.

The Blues and Brews will be next weekend. Don’t forget that the Bud Farm is on the way to Durango! Conveniently located on Hwy 160 – you can’t miss us! Stock up before you head over to the higher priced dispensaries in Durango. Check out our selection!

So whether you are looking for CBD strains of marijuana, CBD patches or tinctures, concentrates, live resin, pens, pipes or even T-Shirts – THE BUD FARM’S GOT IT!!!!

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