420 is Here at Last!!!

I don’t know about you but this has been the longest winter and I for one our season is upon us at last. The crew at The Bud Farm has been working hard to bring you the best deals we could think of to get the season off to a great start.

So for those of you that know us know we have great strains and deals on flower everyday. Nothing will change on 420. We have some great high testers at 125/145 an ounce testing between 30-34% but if you buy one on 420 you will get a free t-shirt as our way of saying Thank You for being such great customers. But we also have a large selection of $99/ounce and $89/ounce and we will even have some going for $79/ounce.

That’s just the flower but we have many, many other selections on edibles, concentrates and joints as well!!


All Taste Budz Gummies are 25% off, All Green Hornets Gummies (made by Cheeba Chews) is also 35% off and finally….everyones favorite chocolate…are 20% off!! For drinks we are offering 4 Keef Colas for $20!!


If you are regulars here then you know about our $5 salad joints but on 420 you can 5 for $20!! We also have strain specific joints available for 4 for $25….that’s a savings of $23!! But if its Blunts you want we have those too!! Honest Blunts will be 40% off!!


We have some great deals on Concentrates that will be impossible to pass up. Sweet CO2 cartridges are 40% off. Summit wax and shatter will be 40% off. Pure Vibe cartridges are 50% off. Evolab Color cartridges are 40% off and Bud Farm cartridges made from the flower we grow here are 40% off (dominant strain is Clementine). We also have a sale on Become cartridges going on right now!! BOGO for $0.01!!! Or if you get a superior tincture (Aliviar) you get a cartridges for $0.01.


We also have our Bubble Hash for $15.00 a gram. Whoopi & Maya Chocolate are 50% off. Bronnor Inhalers are 40% off and Evolabs CDx skin repair is 50% off!!


Yes….Our famous Grabs Bags are back but with a fun twist. You can get a Grab Bag for $25 dollars that will count as a half ounce full of all kinds of fun goodies. Then we have our $10 retail Grab Bags full of items that will not count against your ounce limit.

And for the final fun…..the person that walks in right at 420 will get a gift from us. We look forward to seeing you on 420!!!

Bud Farm Crew

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