Hash, 220 Freeze, THC

4th of July Specials – Freeze Hash

Hash, 220 Freeze, THC, 4th of July

220 Trailblazer Hash Freeze is THC Tricombs taken straight off the plant.


Here at the Bud Farm we proudly support our military and veterans so for the 4th of July Specials we are having a 4th of July Freeze Hash special. We have chosen this special because we believe our Trailblazer Freeze Hash is one of the superior products we carry! Why not have the best on special on the day we honor our countries independence and the people who have lost their lives or risked their lives to keep us that way! After all, we can now offer marijuana products for legal sale! We will have Hash infused joints for $12.00, 3.5 grams of freeze for $40.00, W White Rhino Vape Pens will be only $25.00, and buy 4 of any item and get 20% off. We have our daily specials that will be offered as well as the 4th of July Specials. Check out our daily specials on our website to see what we offer! The 4th of July Specials will run on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Our 220 Trailblazer Freeze Hash is a product that we extract here at the Bud Farm. This product can be used in multiple ways! You can smoke this straight, but watch out it’s going to be potent! You can sprinkle it on bud or a joint, or as we like to joke, this product can make bad weed taste good! You can use this to make butter for your own edibles. This product can be enjoyed in many ways.

Hash, Tricombs

All of the white specs you see on the plant are the THC Tricombs. This is what we extract to make our 220 Trailblazer Freeze Hash.

What is so great about this product? It is a cleaner way to catch your buz! With very little plant matter you will smoke nothing but the best THC from the mary jane plant and we feel it rivals products like Bubble Hash.

The way we extract it is quite simple. We put either Bud or Shake in a Silk bag which is very finely woven, a 220 strand to be exact. We then add dry ice into the bag. This freezes the tricombs off of either the Bud or shake and then we shake the bag. All the tricombs fall onto a sanitized stainless steel table which ensures all you get is the THC tricombs off the plant. This process allows for a cleaner product that has very little plant matter in it.

The Bubble hash extraction process allows a great breeding ground for mold and yeast. Microbial tests have shown that is the case. But our 220 Trailblazer Freeze Hash is free of any mold or yeast because the temperature of the dry ice can destroy mold and yeast making sure that your product is super clean and has nothing but the sweet taste of THC!

So come on in on this 4th of July weekend to make sure you don’t miss out on not only a great product, but get it at the best price around!!!!!

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