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Yep! You heard right!


New specials for our customers! $99 ounces on flower and $75 ounces on our sugar shake! We want to thank all our amazing customers for their patronage and support so we have dropped our Grower’s  Choice special to just $99 per ounce. Beautiful, amazing weed at a fantastic price! bud, flower, marijuanaStrains will change as the grow sends them up, but we will have a $99 ounce available every day. This ounce will NOT be pre-packaged or pre-weighed. It is sitting our our shelf waiting for you to check it out before we weigh it for you and package it.

We also dropped our Sugar Shake price from $95 per ounce to just $75 per ounce! That wonderful shake comes in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Customers have used it for smoking, making butter, adding it to their weed to give it a little zip, rolling joints with it, etc. So many different uses and sitting their waiting for you!indica sativa hybrid shake mancos cortez four corners

We continue to offer our daily specials as well. Mondays offer 15% off edibles, $10 grams and $2 off pre-rolled joints. Tuesday are our Two for Tuesdays – purchase any two items and received a 15% discount off your total. Wednesdays we have $35 1/8ths and $200 top shelf ounces. On Thursdays you can get $10 grams and 15% off our glass pipes. On Friday we honor our Vets with a 15% discount and offer it to anyone who is wearing red in support of our vets. Saturday becomes Shatter Day! Get 15% off shatter, 20% off our glass pipe selection and $70 1/4’s on most flavors of your choice! Super Saver Sunday is $10 grams and again $200 top shelf ounces.

EVERY DAY we offer the now $75 ounce Sugar Shake in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. You can also purchase it at $5 per gram, $15 per 1/8th, $35 per 1/4, and $50 per half ounce.

Our Grower’s Pick ounce will remain at $145 per ounce and strains will change.


COME ON IN AND CHECK IT OUT! Our bud tenders are just waiting to help you. Conveniently located on Hwy 160 in Mancos you can’t miss the store. See you soon!


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