The Bud Farm – More than another marijuana shop

The Bud Farm, located in Mancos Colorado, is a “mom & pop” marijuana shop.  This recreational marijuana dispensary is a family owned business.  Jim & Lea, husband and wife, run this unique dispensary.

Jim is not only one of the owners, he’s also the grower.  And he’s incredibly happy to share his wealth of information with visitors to his dispensary.

Lea deals with all of the paperwork involved in running a dispensary in Colorado.  There’s a lot to do every day.  And on top of managing all of the legal red tape, she’s also involved with the front end of the business.  From employee management to getting behind the counter and budtending as well, she’s fully hands on with the business.

You will find Lisa Day, the General Manager, popping in and out of all of the rooms at the Bud Farm! Lisa oversees the staff, packages product, receives and stocks inventory, helps in the grow when needed – she does it all! Don’t be afraid to ask for her if you are wanting a question answered.

And the rest of the bud tenders will be happy to help you out- they are very knowledgeable and friendly!

More about Jim & Lea

In Lea’s own words….

Jim and I have been entrepreneurs in the construction and retail industry for 20 years plus.  We have been married for 35 years this August and together for 37.  We have one daughter, Jena, and two granddaughters, Rylan and Delaney.

We love to camp, RV, fish, boat, and truly enjoy the outdoors.  Lea’s hobby is photography, and Jim’s is horses. He breeds and sells performance horses.

Our passion was the medical side of marijuana due to pain.  Jim was an old football player in college and had a total hip and knee replacement in 2014.

Lea was not as excited, shall we say, about stepping into such a regulated business.  But once she got an education on products and what they can do, she changed her mind immediately.  Working with people and helping them was the driving force to get the dispensary open. She also discovered that the topical salves can be very helpful on arthritic necks and backs, and after a hip replacement surgery in 2019, she found marijuana was an excellent help for her recovery.

Taking marijuana education to the recreational side has also been very important.  If clients are coming in and wanting information, I want to make sure that we can provide it! We always have information on the marijuana plant itself and its breakdown, what it can be used for and all the ways it can be used. Lea