I haven’t written about our concentrates yet! We have quite a nice selection. Our Shatter concentrate comes from High Tech Concentrates and we have several flavors including Blue Dream and Fire Fire. They range in  the 75-90% THC levels so are very potent and have a wonderful taste and look. A gram is $40 and on Saturday, we have our Shatter Day Special and all our concentrates are 15% off! We have wax from Sweet Mary Jane’s and there isn’t any wax much better than that! Currently we have Lemon G on the shelf and it is as pretty as it gets. The smell and flavor are incredible. This wax is also $40 per gram and on special on Shatter Day!

But don’t forget our Bud Farm brand. Although it is not strain specific, we do have it in Indica and Sativa and it is in the 75-80% THC level. A gram of our brand is $30. Our Bud Farm budder is $25 per gram.

Today is Tuesday so our daily special is Two for Tuesdays – purchase any two items and received 15% off your total! ConcentratesSimple as that! The only exclusions are our Ounce specials – they are already so low we just can’t reduce the price any further!!!! But you can save on our concentrates today as well as any of our edibles, retails items, regular priced marijuana, joints, salves, lotions, oils, etc. So come in despite the rain and see us! It’s a GREAT DEAL!!

Our $99 Ounces and $125 Ounces are running as well. Today we have Thai Lights on the $99 Ounce special which is a hybrid testing at 17.35%. On our $125 Ounce you will find Girl Scout Cookies testing at 21.2%. Unfortunately, we don’t have a $145 Ounce today. Inventory just doesn’t allow it. But keep checking!

Remember we are conveniently located on the corner of Hwy 160 and Willow St in Mancos. Right on the way to Durango, Telluride, Cortez, etc. Stop on  in and see us! We are open from 9:30 until 8 pm.


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