It’s a crazy world out there today, isn’t it? We are all a bit scared, concerned and not sure what is going to happen to us, our jobs, this world from day to day. I know that we are a strong people and resilient. We will survive this virus and become all the stronger for it.

In these trying times we have had a lot of concerns about whether or not we will remain open. Let me be very clear in stating that the Bud Farm will remain open as long as we are not State mandated to close down. As of the writing of this post, we are not being required to close. We are being asked to continue to use all good precautions, no more than 10 people in the store at one time, etc. and we will continue to do so.

We have also been asked A LOT of questions about delivery or even shipping. Let me be clear on this as well. First we are a recreational facility and although what we sell in marijuana is used by many people as a medication, we are not allowed to deliver it. We also cannot ship it to anyone in state and certainly not out of state. That is simply against the law.

We do, however, offer an on-line ordering service so you can order it through Leafly and we will have it packaged and ready to go for you to pick up. You just come in, presented your ID to verify you can legally purchase the product, pay for and receive your product. This saves a lot of time in the store and reduces exposure to other parties. We are encouraging anyone who is interested and can access this ordering system to use it. If you have any questions please call the store at (970) 533-9931 and one of our bud tenders will happily answer your questions.

We also want our customers to know that some vendors are closing or at a minimum, slowing or stopping delivery to our store, the inventory we need. We will continue to receive products even if we must go retrieve them ourselves. But we do ask for your patience should we be out of something you are looking for or a bit sl

ower in getting restocked. We will stay up on it the very best we can with the limited availability we may have.

We thank all of our loyal patrons for continuing to support the Bud Farm and we look forward to helping you all through these trying times. Do not hesitate to come to us with any questions – we will do our best to answer them! Things are changing nearly daily right now. We will keep you posted through our website and FB page. Please join us there for future updates!

Thank you again and everyone – be safe out there!

Lea Cody, Owner

Bud Farm

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