CBD for Pets??!!

CBD for Pets??!!


Cannabinoids have been researched extensively for years on animal subjects. Makes sense, right? Before any drug is released for experimentation on Humans it has already been long researched on animal subjects. What they already found when experimenting on animals is that it helps to relieve pain, kills bacteria, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces vomiting, reduces seizures, treats fungal infections, reduces inflammation, aids in sleep, reduces risk of artery blockage, inhibits cell growth in tumors, treats psoriasis, tranquilizing (aids in the treatment of psychosis), suppresses muscle spasms, relieves anxiety, promotes bone growth, reduces contractions in small intestines, protects nervous system degeneration, and protects the GI tract. But don’t take my word for it. You can just google it and there are countless articles such as this one 

In my own experience I have had 9 dogs and everyone had to be eventually put down due to arthritis and/or cancer. If I had had CBD to give them I would have been able to enjoy many more years with my fur babies.

This is my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Obi. He is a dog that weighs well over 100 pounds and as someone that has worked for vets and with dogs for over 30 years I know he is at risk for developing hip dysplasia, arthritis, as well as cancer. By putting him on a daily dose of just a couple of drops in his food everyday I can help reduce these problems possibly affording more years with him than if I hadn’t.

We are lucky to be able to offer an incredible CBD product for pets by Sweet Mary Jane  called Creature Comfort.

If you are just starting to notice problems the sooner you get your pet on this amazing tincture the better and I highly recommend getting your pets on this before the problems begin to avoid them all together.

So come on in to the Bud Farm to get Creature Comfort today. Every Wednesday they are 15% off!!



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