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Hey everyone, did you know that the Bud Farm carries a wide variety of CBD products? We have customers coming in all the time looking for CBD products to help with pain, inflammation and all the other wonderful healing properties that it offers without the THC high. We have a large selection to choose from!

First, we do have 2 strains of marijuana that are CBD. One is called Wife and it tests out at 16% CBD and .9% THC. This strain helps with pain relief, it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, strengthens bones, anti-nausea and can counter act THC induced anxiety. And you can purchase an ounce for just $99!

The second strain is called Jack Herer and tests out at 13.5% CBD  and 9.7% THC. This strain is Haze X Northern #5 X Shiva Skunk. It will make you feel uplifted, happy, energetic, creative, euphoric and clear headed. The medicinal properties include helping with stress, depression, pain fatigue, headaches, anxiety and PTSD. What a fantastic strain!Marijuana Products Mancos, Durango, Cortez

We also carry a CBD sugar shake. You can make this into your own joints, use it to make butter to bake your own edibles, smoke it in a pipe, etc. Be creative!

If you are not into smoking it, we have pain patches that are infused with CBD. You can site locate these to reduce pain and inflammation. Our CBD infused salves will do the same thing. A muscle injury or arthritis is treated very easily with these incredible salves!

If you like edibles you will love our CBD infused suckers! They come in a variety of flavors and are quite tasty! And our CBD granola is another great way to get that CBD in your body! But the best of all if our CBD tincture. 300 mg of CBD requires just a drop or two a day in order to keep that pain and inflammation under control.

Whatever your CBD needs, come into the Bud Farm and check out our inventory. We have what you are looking for!


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