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Hi everyone! February is upon us and all of us at the Bud Farm are enjoying this amazing weather! Hope you are out and about enjoying the sunshine, but come check out our super deals this month!

We are always running  our daily specials that you will find on our website. On top of those specials, we are continuing our very popular $25 1/8ths! This deal is for each and every strain we have on the shelf. From our ever popular G-13 which is a 100% indica and testing at 23% through our Lower Alabama hybrid all the way to our 80/20 sativa – Purple Widow Berry and every strain in between. Don’t be shy – try them all! At that price you can afford to!

For those of you who prefer a larger quantity, we have our ounce specials! (All prices plus tax)

$99 ounces every day – the strains change and we try and keep a good variety going so you have choices  between

sativa medical durango cortez mancos four corners

indica, sativa and hybrids. But depending on how the girls grow and how fast they cure, we don’t always have more than one strain available. But we try to ALWAYS have one at $99.

Then we have our Growers Choice Ounce at $125 and our Grower’s Pick Ounce at $145. These strains change depending again on the girls in the grow! But we still try and make sure you get one sativa and one that’s an indica for nice variety.

Our new shipment of chillums, bubblers, bongs, wooden pipes, gandolphs, steam rollers, etc just hit the shelf! Lots to choose from and beautiful glass! Our stock of grinders, rolling papers, lighters, etc is always stocked to meet our customers needs. And check out our T-Shirts and our collection of posters! All the posters and artwork on the walls is for sale! If we don’t have an extra, you can take the one from the wall.

We are still in our winter hours 10:00 am to 7:00 pm but that will change on 4/20. Then we go to our summer hours of 9:30 am to 8:00 pm.

COME IN AND SAVE WITH ALL OUR DEALS THIS MONTH! Our bud tenders are just waiting to help you out!

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