Don’t Be Angry at the Rules!

I moved to Colorado three years ago and of course I wanted to shop at some dispensaries first thing. I remember how weird it felt….I think I might have even parked in the back of the building. I was so nervous when I walked in as they wanted my ID so they could scan it. That freaked me out a bit because I was worried that would get on my record somehow and the police would be waiting for me….talk about paranoia!!

HATE the RULES!!!!

I have now worked in the industry for over 2 years and I don’t even think about it now. But I have since learned of all the rules and regulations and how they affect us and why they are there. The two biggies I want to discuss today in this post is checking ID’s and Looping.

Identification Cards

Checking ID’s is one of the biggest rules we must follow. We not only check them when you enter our store but we must look at them again once we step into the Bud Bar. When we check the ID’s we first look for several things that are mandated by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. The ID must be issued within the United States. It must be a government issued ID such as a Drivers License. This license must be in good shape. There cannot be any creases or bends on the ID, the picture must be clearly visible, and totally intact…meaning we cannot accept them if there are corners broken off etc. This sometimes can be confusing (especially for my Arizona shoppers who have IDs that do not expire for 50 years). My best advice for you is if you see your ID is becoming “well Loved” you might want to inquire about getting a newer version. We can also accept a valid passport, a valid state ID card, a US operator’s, chauffeur’s, or similar type of Drivers License, a military ID card and Tribal Cards. Also it is important to note when we scan the cards we are merely scanning to make sure it is a valid ID and not a fake. Your information is not stored….in fact it would be illegal for us to do so.

So if you drive hours to get here and present an ID that is expired or in worn condition we will not be able to accept it and that is tragic when you might have driven a long ways. It really is up to you to make sure all your ducks are in a row when it comes to your identification. If we accept IDs that are not legal as far as the Marijuana Enforcement Division is concerned we could be fined, be suspended, lose our badges, be permanently shut down or even go to jail, or be fined a huge amount!! As you can see it is not worth the risk as far as we are concerned. So please do not be angry at us… sense in shooting the messenger….just be compliant so we can be of service to you.


So what is Looping you ask? It is when you are sold more than the legal limit and its a very, very big no no. We are legally allowed to sell you 28 grams (one ounce) per day. Now that is easy if its just flower but what if you are buying two edibles, and eighth of flower and a vape cartridge? Well the MED has broken it down nicely for us. Each vape cartridge is considered an eighth and so are the edibles so two edibles, one vape cartridge and one eighth of flower would be a half ounce or 14 grams. Here is the chart we go by.

However many times a week we will have a customer trying to get us to allow them to buy an ounce then drive around the block and come in for another ounce. When they see we are still not going to sell the additional ounce they often start yelling at us or will peel out of our driveway in a fit of rage. There is only going to be one thing that happens if we allow looping sales…..Jail for all of us and a huge fine (sometimes up to 6 figures) and our doors will be closed forever. There is no amount of rage that will make us change our minds….it is not even remotely worth it. So please do not take your anger out on us…..our hands are tied until the law changes if it ever does.

I just wanted our customers to know and understand the position we are coming from. To be quite frank we are so blessed to have the opportunity to buy marijuana legally. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. Instead of grumbling about how limiting the law is maybe think back when it was not legal at all and every time you got it you risked jail, a record, a fine, and drug classes. Be happy with what we have. The Marijuana Enforcement Division has these laws for a reason….it is still technically illegal federally. The state is just making sure we retain our right to buy marijuana legally.

Have a great day guys and we look forward to serving you at The Bud Farm!!!

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