Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About Recreational Pot

Recreational pot, marijuana, cannabis, weed....whatever you'd like to call it, has been legal in the state of Colorado for only a short time.  And we understand that many people still have a lot of questions about recreational pot.

If you're a first time consumer, we'll try and get your questions answered.  If you'd like to know where you can and can't consume your marijuana, we'll work on getting you some answers too.  Bottom line?  If we hear certain questions on a regular basis from our customers, we'll try and get you the answers.

Tours of the Bud Farm Grow House

One of the big questions we get asked ever so often is whether or not we give tours through our grow facility.  And in order to address that question, we've gone ahead and created a short series of videos giving our visitors a look through our grow house.

A few notes before you start digging into the videos.  Number one, a lot of air is moving through our building for our plants and lighting.  So there is some background noise in each video due to all the air being processed.  We pipe in outside air to cool the lights, we have fans running throughout the facility for our plants.  And we like being in a temperature controlled environment ourselves.  Bottom line, there's some background hum in the videos.

Second item to note?  Our lighting inside our marijuana grow facility is geared toward the best results for our plants.  In some segments of our video you'll note a yellow tinge.  That's due to the lighting we use.  You haven't suddenly developed color blindness, there are just some extremely warm lighting tones in our grow area.

Part 1

The first part of our video tour takes you inside our marijuana grow house to the start of our process.  Creating clones, growing immature plants, and the whole process for both medical and recreational plants as well.  The Bud Farm's head grower, Jim, walks you through the entire process.

Part 2

The second video picks up with Jim in the "Elvis" room.  It's in this room that our plants transition to 12 hours of light per day, and where the plants will first start flowering.  Jim explains all of the background fan noise, and what the fans and other ventilation are for in the grow house.

Part 3

In the final video we're finally out of the strange lighting situation, and into the sales room.  The lighting in the grow house is great for our plants, but not so great for video work!

Jim takes you through information about how The Bud Farm's marijuana is tested, and talks about his own standards as well when it comes to the product that The Bud Farm offers to the public.

Questions we are asked most frequently

  • Q: Why do you consider your marijuana better than another shop's?

    A: At the Bud Farm, we grow all our cannabis here in the building. Our grower's take extra time manicuring "the girls" as they are referred to with a smile, which keeps them from attracting any unwanted diseases or problems; when the plant is ready to be harvested, it is put through a flushing process where all fertilizers and food for the plant are flushed from the dirt before it's harvested. This removes any taste of the fertilizer from the finished product. Then the trimmers hand trim the buds. By doing this, we reduce the loss of the trichomes and goodies that make each strain so tasty! The buds are then hung to dry until they reach just the right point where they are then put in glass jars to cure. This creates the unique aroma and taste of each strain. Those glass jars are the ones you see on our shelf.

  • Q: Are your buds hand-trimmed or mechanically processed?

    A: ALL of our buds and plants are hand trimmed. A machine processed plant loses a lot in that process. By hand trimming our buds, we reduce the loss of trichomes and other goodies that make each of our strains so tasty!

  • Q: Do you sell pre-packaged marijuana?

    A: The closest we have to "pre-packaged" marijuana are the pre-rolled joints that we roll here at The Bud Farm from the plants that we grow. So, NO pre-packaging for us! You get to smell it and look at it then we take it and weigh it out for you(in front of you) and that's what you take home. Not some pre-packaged product with a label on it that you cannot open in the store. Our bud is old-school-grown, hand trimmed and slow cured - you just can't get any better than that!

  • Q: I live Out of State, how much marijuana can I purchase?

    A: As of June 15, 2016 non-residents can purchase the equivalent of 1 ounce/28grams!! Before that date, non-residents could only buy up to 1/4 ounce.

  • Q: I'm a Colorado resident, how much marijuana can I purchase?

    A: A Colorado resident can purchase the equivalent of 1 ounce or 28 grams in the form of Cannabis, Hash, Edibles, Topicals, etc...

  • Q: I am a first timer - I don't know what I want. Can you tell me how edibles can be used, what the different strains of marijuana will do to me and what other options I have for delivery systems?

    A: Absolutely!! Our knowledgeable and friendly Budtenders will gladly answer any questions you have about our products; what will help with pain relief, what will work as a sleeping aid, what strain will help with migraines, what strain may be comparable to another strain you've tried but we don't carry on our shelves, the differences between Indica and Sativa, etc...

  • Q: I want to try Edibles but don't know what to expect. Can you tell me what to look for?

    A: A great rule of thumb for Edibles is to start slow - you can always add to it, but it's hard to take it way! Edibles run through your digestive system so it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3+ hours before you feel the effects. Everyone's metabolic rate is different so you have to experiment to find out what works best for you. If you're using an Edible based in suger, such as chocolate, it will metabolize faster than complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs will act more like a time-released reaction. Your high will come on slower and stay with you longer. Drops and sprays will react much faster as they are sublingual and enter your system faster than edibles. Almost as fast as smoking. We have a good deal of literature on edibles for you as a customer. Please feel free to come on in and ask for it! We will gladly supply it for you.

  • Q: Can I drive with marijuana in my vehicle?

    A: Yes. But Colorado's Open Container Law applies to marijuana just like it does alcohol, making it illegal to possess marijuana in a vehicle if it's in an open container (a container with a broken seal), or if there's evidence of consumption - just like alcohol. Best bet - lock it up. Your trunk works. Also, impaired drivers traveling with children in the vehicle can be charged with child abuse.

  • Q: Is there a test to tell an Officer of the Law if I have been partaking?

    A: Currently, impaired driving arrests are based on observed impairment by law enforcement, many of which go through training to become Drug Recognition Experts to detect impairment from a variety of substances. If you are arrested a blood test will be required to test for THC levels. Refusal of a blood test can result in the loss of your driver's license for one year among other fines and penalties.

  • Q: I live Out of State. Can I bring my marijuana purchases back home with me?

    A: No! It is still illegal in many states and driving it across state lines can lead to heavy fines and jail time.

  • Q: Can I bring marijuana products on an airplane?

    A: That's an emphatic NO! It's very illegal to bring marijuana with you on an airplane or in your checked bags. Even if you're flying to a recreational friendly state, you still CANNOT take it with you.

  • Q: Can I smoke where I'm staying? i.e. hotel, motel, campground, etc...

    A: Using marijuana at any of these places is up to the owners/management. Some hotels allow it in their smoking rooms, others don't allow it on their property. It is completely up to management/owners of where you're staying as to whether you can partake on their property at all. So it's best to check with the management/owner.

  • Q: Can I smoke anywhere in public?

    No. It is illegal to smoke marijuana anywhere in public - including your car. Getting caught will result in fines and possible arrest. Consuming marijuana while driving can put you at risk for a DUI and cost you a lot of money or potential jail time. It's best to smoke or partake of our product in your home.

  • Q: I'm going to Mesa Verde - can I bring marijuana with me?

    A: Absolutely not! Mesa Verde and many other parks are on Federal land. Although it is legal in the State of Colorado to possess marijuana, it is still ILLEGAL on a federal level. DO NOT carry marijuana or marijuana products with you into a National Park. It's punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of $1,000 for a first time offense along with a mandatory 15 day sentence. A second offense could lead to 2 years in prison. DON'T RISK IT!

  • Q: I don't use marijuana, but can I come in to see what a dispensary is all about?

    A: Absolutely! Some folks just want to be able to say they've been in a dispensary. Well, come on in! We're more than happy to answer any questions you have and dispell any marijuana falsities you may have heard.