Happy Halloweed from The Bud Farm!!













Come visit The Bud Farm on Halloween for our Halloweed specials!

I like to think there are 3 C’s to a great Adult Halloween Party. Candy, Costumes, and of coarse Cannabis!

The costumes are up to you, but we have got you covered on the Cannabis and even Candy (if you count the Edibles)

4 for $20 Sodas – These are a great option for Halloween parties. A little fruit punch for the kids and Keef Cola for the Adults!

25% off all Edibles – For those Adult trick-or-treaters you have coming over – Maybe some suckers, gummies, chocolate, or even sugar cubes!

For those who prefer flower or smoking, maybe you already have all the candy you need, here are our specials…

$3.00 off Joints

$10 Grams- any strain

$20 1/8ths – any strain

35% off all Vapes!


I spent some time thinking of all the ways you can incorporate cannabis into the Halloween Holiday. I was pretty stumped for a while but here are a couple little ideas that might be fun.

  1. All those small pumpkins they sell for mostly decoration; What about converting one or two into a festive Halloween Bong? With a little creativity you could even decorate your pumpkin! Buy a joint from us and carve a scary face into your pumpkin, light the joint and show us a photo of your pumpkin smoking a joint on Facebook! We would love to see your creativity with it!






2. A lot of people like to make their own Halloween treats. What if you took some of that awesome THC Chocolate and used it to decorate cookies or buy some shake and make Halloween themed edibles of your own? My tip for this….Pinterest!

PS: Of coarse please be careful and take measures to be sure that the little Halloween characters in the house do NOT get their hands on anything THC related. These products and ideas are intended for 21+ Adults ONLY!

Come in and see what goodies you can find! Costumes are of coarse welcome but please be mindful to remove any face masks or hoods when you walk in.

And as always on Halloween don’t forget to say TRICK-OR-TREAT!


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