Instagram and The Bud Farm

The Bud Farm is on Instagram - Marijuana Dispensary Mancos COSince we’re on a new campaign to really share everything about The Bud Farm in Mancos Colorado, we’ve gone ahead and created our very own Instagram account, and our own hashtag as well.  What does that all mean?  Is it something really cool?  Yes, it is something really cool!

In addition to posting regular updates on our new website, we’ll also be popping up new images from The Bud Farm on a regular basis.  New buds on the menu?  You’ll see them first through our Instagram.  New marijuana products on the shelf?  You’ll see them on our Instagram as well.  And if you’re an avid Instagram user you can follow us on your mobile device.  Our address there is COBudfarm!  Go ahead, give us a follow now.

Whenever we update with new photos if you’re not an Instagram user you can still see the latest images right on our front page of this website.  Toward the bottom of the page you’ll see 2 different sections.  One is called “Insta – Grams”, and the other is called “The Latest From the Bud Farm.”  Our posted images will be popping up under “the latest.”  And your images will pop up under “Insta- Grams.”

Wait a second……  Your images?  That’s right, you can share images with us as well.  If you take an image and share it with the Hashtag #thebudfarm you’ll see your images post.  Please be sure that the images are on topic before using our hashtag.  We really want to display our customers images as well!

Hopefully folks will have fun with this.  We’re hoping to interact with current customers and new customers as well.  Just another way to keep you up with the latest from our dispensary, and have a little fun while doing it!



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