Kayak Wax….New at The Bud Farm!

Kayak Wax….New at The Bud Farm!

The Bud Farm just got in a new Wax product by Kayak. We have five Sativas and five Indicas.  These BHO wax are yielding high THC levels and great flavors. Come on in today to get yours while supplies last. Or better yet come in on a Friday and get 15% off every flavor of wax.


Here is a menu of what we have:


Durban Poison testing at 79.8% 

Lemon Skunk testing at 85%

Witch Weed testing at 82.7%

Jack Herer testing at 71.8%

Chem Dawg testing at 79.3%


Ogre Kush testing at 70.8%

Snowball testing at 75.2%

P98-BK testing at 75.3%

Pineapple Chunk testing at 74.1%

Indica’s Garden testing at 75.4%


And don’t forget to ask what our $99 an ounce special is. We just got in Pine-X  that we added to our $99 an ounce shelf with Lucky Charms and Death Star.

For $125 an ounce special we have Grape Stomper and on our $145 an ounce special is Rocket Fuel from Mountain Flower.

What ever your wants and needs are I am pretty sure we have it!



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