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Whether it’s your 1st visit to Mancos or not, stop in!

The Bud Farm Marijuana Dispensary Mancos, CO.We are all excited about Mancos Days this weekend! There is so much going on around town! From parades to vendors in the park, to softball tournaments and live music in the evenings for all you dancers out there, it is one of the most exciting and fun weekends of the year! And if you are just passing through on your way to Telluride or Pagosa Springs, we are right  on the way!

Our friendly and helpful bud tenders are just waiting to help you find what you are looking for. Our Sweet CO2 hash oil cartridges are quite a great product.  Attached to the vaporizing battery, they are extremely discrete and handy. They come in indica, sativa and hybrid. We also carry these in a disposable! When they are empty you simply throw them away. How handy is that?

If you prefer edibles, check out our chocolates and cookies from Sweet Mary Jane’s. These come in indica and sativa as well. The unusual combination in these baked goodies are like nothing else on the market! Chocolate, cherry and almond is in the “I Love you Cherry Much” flavor and it is to die for! There are 5 or 6 flavors to choose from – but don’t wait to long…… I have a hard time keeping them on the shelf! Customers LOVE these edibles!

We also carry the ever popular Gummies – in mixed, peach and strawberry flavors along with a huge selection of Ganjalas, brownies, cookies, jewels, hard candies, drops, mints, candy bars, etc, etc. You will find something to suit your taste buds!!!!mary jane thc lotion pot oil cannabis lotion mancos durango

Looking for pain relief in salves, oils and lotions? We have those, too! Mary Jane’s Medicinal salve, lotion and massage oil flies off the shelf! These amazing product works so well its quite amazing. Anyone suffering from arthritis or a joint or muscle injury will surely feel the benefits of this pain relieving product.

And don’t forget the old school grown, hand trimmed and slow cured marijuana that  we grow here in our location. We have several strains each of indica, hybrid and sativa flower on our shelf just waiting for you to come and check it out! We also carry strain specific 1 gram pre-rolled joints in hemp paper. These are so popular! sativa medical durango cortez mancos four corners

So whatever else you do this weekend, check out Mancos Days and while you are here, stop in the Bud Farm and say hi! Let us see if we can find something to meet your needs and make your weekend more fun!


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