Available at The Bud Farm

The Bud Farm offers a wide variety of marijuana products.  From home grown(on-site) buds to sweet edibles, marijuana drinks, oils, vapes, and more!  We’ve probably got what you’re looking for.  Feel free to take a look through what we’ve got to offer, check out our “Flower Menu,” and if you have any questions feel free to contact us for further information.

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Our Buds

The word Bud is in our name for a reason.  The Bud Farm offers some of the finest marijuana buds in Southwestern Colorado.  Actually, we offer some of the best buds in the state!

Sure, we offer a lot of other products beyond buds at our store.  But getting back to basics, it’s all about the pot we grow isn’t it?  Before edibles, sodas, oils, shatter, and all the rest of the products out there today, what was it all about?  Growing good buds.  And that’s what we do at The Bud farm!

We’ve got a sizable selection of buds at our store in Mancos.  And those buds are grown on location.  Our grower is in the store most every day, and he’s taking care of our latest crop of buds.  We offer daily specials for the buds we sell.

So, take a look through our Bud Menu.  And take a look through our Specials Menu as well.  We think you’ll like what you find.

Concentrates – Hash, Shatter, Waxes, & More!

Beyond the buds we grow in house, The Bud Farm offers a variety of marijuana concentrates.

If you’re familiar with concentrates, stop in and check out our selection.  We currently have 2 weekly specials on them.

For the newcomer to the recreational marijuana world wax, shatter, hash, and oil are types of a concentrated dose of cannabis.  They are made by the lengthy process of extracting THC and other cannabinoids.

While many people like to add a little hash when packing a bowl or rolling a joint, Wax, shatter, and oil burn quickly when introduced to direct flame.  That’s why there are special smoking devices made specifically for these types of concentrates.  There are vaporizers, pens, and special glass attachments.

If you’re still new to recreational marijuana, please talk to your Bud Farm Budtender.

Shatter Butter

Shatter Butter Available at The Bud Farm

thc candy pot candy

Find all sorts of THC and CBD candies at The Bud Farm in Mancos

Edibles and Drinkables

We carry an assortment of marijuana infused treats.  Some of our brands are Tincture Belle, Wana, Keef Cola, and Sweet Mary Jane.

Give your lungs a break and try the lasting effects of one of our many sugary treats.  From Chocolate Bars and Gummies to Cookies and Hard Candies.  Most contain 100mg of cannabis, with 10mg per serving, allowing you to gauge your consumption better.  Every edible and drinkable has a recommended serving size.  We suggest abiding by the label.