THC & CBD Infused Edibles and Drinks

Edibles & Drinkables

For those of you who don’t like smoking marijuana, grab yourself some edibles- marijuana infused food and drinks. Many people have turned to edibles’ therapeutic effects, which are documented throughout the world to help a number of ailments.


Not all marijuana consumption is created equal.

Edibles are introduced via the gastrointestinal tract and processed by the liver before making its way into the bloodstream.  The liver changes THC into a more potent form resulting in a stronger effect.  Many describe it as a type of “body-high” or “body-buzz”, making it beneficial for many different illnesses.


The amount of THC/CBD varies depending on the item.

Candy bars and drinks contain a total of around 100mg of THC/CBD.  Some drinks, such as Canna Punch, come with a medical looking dosing cup so you can easily measure how much you are ingesting.  Candy bars and other treats come pre-divided into 10 servings with 10mg per serving.  We suggest you start with no more than 10mg, especially if you’re a first timer to edibles and drinks.


How long will it take before I feel it?

Drinks and edibles take much longer to kick in.
You can expect to start to feel it anywhere from 60-90 minutes after you eat/drink. After about 2-3 hours you’ll hit your “peak”. The length of the effects can last 6-8 hours. So if you don’t feel anything in the first hour, give it more time. Every body is different, so what one person feels after ingesting 10mg another person might feel after 20mg. Start small. You can always eat more if needed, but you cant un-eat what you’ve already taken in.

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