Memorial Day Specials 2019 at The Bud Farm

Come on in to the Bud Farm this Memorial Day for some great specials!! A great way to launch the summer with many different products so we have something for everyone.

We are offering $3 off all Bonsai Blunts and Joints!!

@05 off all Four20 Disposable Vapes

A gram of our Freeze Hash (Clementine Sativa or Lemmiwinks Indica) for $15.

We are offering $10 grams on all our strains

25% n off all vape cartridges and disposables.

20% off of all glass ware and accessories

Keef Cola is being sold at 4 for $20

20% off all Black Diamond Caviar

35% off all Summit Concentrates

and finally 35% off all Green Hornet Gummies

So let our Bud Tenders find you an incredible deal when you come in!!

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