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Every week we try and change up our $99 strains and this week we also have our $125 Ounces and our $145 Ounces back on the shelf. Come in and check them out! Our strain specials include Andy’s OG, The Rem and Mother of all Berries. We have some new shake on the shelf and some Hash Plant Joints coming out! These new strains add to our always popular Purple Nepal, Golden Goat, Purple Widow Berry and Lower Alabama just to name a few.

A couple of other new strains we have added to the grow include Cherry Lime Haze, Lucinda Williams, Moma Gypsy and Red Headed Stranger. We also have Blue Dream and Clementine coming up very, very soon! They are getting ready to be tested and then they will be out for  sale!

Specials on Pipes!We have added some new strain specific edibles as well –  Zoots has some fantastic lozenges and 7 Sacred has some indica and sativa truffles that are out of this world tasty! We added Kanna Kaps to our shelves in indica and sativa and now they added strain specific Girl Scout Cookies with THCv which promotes weight loss! Ladies you have to give these a try!!!!

As always we are carrying our 43 CBD tincture now in 500 mg rather than 300 mg. More potent and better yet – the same price as the 300 mg! We also have some CBD capsules for sale for those who want to give it a try.

A fresh order of Bud Farm t-shirts are on the shelf with all the sizes we were out of! Color selection  is great. New glassware is also here. Beautiful chillums and animal shaped pipes, bongs, dab rigs and dab tools, parts for bongs, lighters, papers, etc.  We have what you are looking for! Come in and say hi!


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