New at The Bud Farm- District 8 Blunts

New at The Bud Farm- District 8 Blunts

The Bud Farm and it’s Bud Tenders just found something pretty cool that we have just begun to offer to our customers…..Blunts!!

These Blunts are incredibly unique. District 8 took top shelf flower and rolled them into blunts NOT using tobacco like most blunts are made but rather natural hemp! Not only do you not have to worry about getting tobacco in your system but the natural hemp offers a honey sweet flavor to the Blunt that makes it a fantastic smoking experience to the true Cannabis Connoisseur.

District 8 has also done something unique in their packaging. Each tube contains 2 half gram blunts so you have one for now and one for later. Trust me you only need a half gram as these blunts are made from top shelf product. They also have them packaged by effects:

ENERGIZED- Sativa plants are notorious for inspiring energy, euphoria and creativity. We’ve selected the most reliable strains for our sativa loving clients and know you’ll love the selection too!

RELAXED-We choose our Indica strains for their relaxing, calming and relieving effects. Get a delicious dose of sedative effects from our carefully chosen, classic, hard-hitting indica strains!

SLEEPY-Super heavy D8 indica strains, give the best high to fall asleep or really relax to the fullest. Deathstar is our premiere strain for these Blunts that gives amazing effects and high THC content.

CBD-Our CBD blunts utilize flower that specifically helps relieve pain while maintaining a very low THC content. If you need to stay clear and get great natural pain relief this is the blunt of choice.

HYBRID-Amazing highs and great quality. The D8 Hybrid is truly unique. These blunts are our best sellers and are packed with our special blended strains that combine the fun of the Energized strains and the lasting high of our Relaxed strains.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video below to find out what all our excitement is about then come on down to The Bud Farm and try one out for yourself!!

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