New Javelina Distillate Products Now Available at The Bud Farm

New Javelina Distillate Products Now Available at The Bud Farm!!!!

We are so excited to be able to offer this product at our Dispensary. If you want a top quality and absolutely delicious Vape experience then this is the product for you. Here are some of the information on each product we are offering right from Javelina:


“They start with the finest ethanol extracted, hydrocarbon-free, distillate oil that can be produced with all of today’s advanced technologies. Terpenes are extracted utilizing proprietary molecular separation. Then they reintroduce the highest quality cannabis terpenes into the high potency distillate oil. This process allows them to keep the flavor and the full entourage effect completely in tune with the cannabis that it came from. All Javelina Extracts cannabis terpenes are strain specific and available in Indica or Sativa.”

1000 mg Syringe

The oil used in clear and can have an elegant amber-rose tint. The flavor is close to smoking flower due to reintroduction of the natural cannabis terpenes. It includes a thin film molecular separated multi-cannabinoid distillate in an easy to use 1 gram glass applicator! It is packaged in medical grade glass to be assured that no chemical reactions occur between the glass and the oil. The syringe offers a specifically designed plunger tip so that no chemical reactions occur between the plunger and the oil. Each syringe includes a metal extension tip if needed. This will allow you to fill refillable cartridges, make more exacting dab doses, and to be more precise in cooking measurements. The metal extension tip also allows for oral consumption of the oil. And best of all it can be cleaned in between uses. After use, replace the syringe in its original packaging box. As always keep out of reach of children and store in a cool, dark place. This syringe can be used to fill a vape cartridge, top off a bowl of flower, dab, or lining a rolling paper for a tasty joint!

300 MG Disposable

The staff at Javelina has spent countless hours perfecting the Javelina Disposable pen. It had to be as perfect as humanly possible! They know that the distillate within is the best available on the market today. With disposables, they made sure the pen worked properly from beginning to the last puff. Each disposable pen gives an incredible cloud with each puff. Draw activated for pure convenience, glass and stainless-steel construction with Ccell technology… can feel the quality in your hand. They know it’s no fun when your disposable fails you when you want a puff. They make sure that their disposables works great from beginning to end. By doing the proper research and development, we can say they have the Supreme product on the market today.

500 MG Cartridge

The Javelina Cartridge is a revolutionary new vaporizer specifically created for concentrated oils. The design has the versatility to handle various viscosities including the thickest oils. The Javelina cartridge works with all 5-10 threaded batteries, both button activated and draw activated. Additionally it is constructed using only food-grade materials that have been rigorously tested to exceed all international standards and guideline. Working in conjunction with oil producers from around the world, their cartridge has been designed and tested to produce the truest and smoothest vape of any cartridge in existence. It is made with stainless steel with a ceramic atomizer and offers an anti-leaking design. The vessel is all glass with a color coded polycarbonate tip. A purple tip indicates Indica and the green tip indicates sativa. Both are designed to enhance a unique entourage effect.

Remember….the two most important things about this product is the entourage effect and the terpenes!!

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