New Millenium: A New Line of Topicals

New Millenium: A New Line of Topicals

The Bud Farm has added a new product to our shelves by a local company out of Mancos Colorado called New Millenium. This is a new line of topicals that have been tested by our Budtenders and found to be an excellent product.

Pain Freeze is a roll on pain treatment for sore muscles and bruises that come in a Cooling Therapy and a Warming Therapy. Check these out!! 150+ mgs of THC plus all natural reoccurring CBDs. With the built in rollerball you can massage away pain instantly!  We hope you love these as much as we do!  Muscle Relief Creme is another phenomenal product that comes in two fragrances: Lavender and Jasmine Clementine.  These two Cremes are smooth, reliable and smell great! These cremes are the highest rated topicals in Colorado providing 200 mgs of pain relief in a 2 ounce bottle.


We also have changed some of our daily specials. Thursday we offer Senior Discount Day. If you are 60+ years of age come in on Thursdays and get 15% off your entire order. If you are not considered a senior come in on Thursdays anyway and get 15% off on all our Salves, Capsules, Lotions, Bath Soak and Patches. Thursdays are healing days here at The Bud Farm.

CBD + THC in topical products offer soothing relief from bruises, skin abrasions, sore muscles, Bursitis, and a host of other ailments. When using these products it not only relieves pain but also gives you enough relief to get a good night sleep. We recommend using the lavender at night and the Jasmine Clementine during the day.

Come on in and try our new line of Topicals and take advantage of our Thursdays specials.



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