Salves for pain



Today is Friday and we honor our vets today with a 15% discount! This discount is applied to anything that is not already on special. Such as our pain relieving salves. We carry two brands.

The first one is Bud Rub made by Tincturebelle. This rub is fantastic for cuts, burns, psoriasis, just about any type of topical skin issue. It also works well for sore muscles. It is made with incredible oils and infused with THC and CBD. Salves for painWe have it on the shelf in 1 oz and 2 oz containers. I always have this available for little cuts that happen in daily life. Put a little  bit on and it takes away the pain and promotes healing.

The second one we carry is made by Mary Jane’s Medicinals. This one comes in 2 oz and 4 oz containers. I recommend this one for deep healing and pain relief such as a muscle injury or pain from arthritis in the hands, neck, back, shoulders, knees or legs.mary jane thc lotion pot oil cannabis lotion mancos durango I personally use it on my neck muscles and lower back. It provides immediate relief and it lasts for hours. This product is also made of fantastic oils infused with THC and CBD to promote pain relief and healing. Mary Jane’s Medicinals also provides us with lotion and massage oil that are just as incredible as the salve.

Both products are amazing and we recommend them to anyone who has these issues. We always have them in stock.

If you are a veteran or if you are wearing red today in support of our vets, come in and check out these fantastic  products and receive a 15% discount on your purchase! And check out all the other amazing products we carry that are CBD infused and so helpful for pain relief.

Don’t forget about our Bud Farm T-Shirts! And our huge selection of pipes, one hitters, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs – you name it! We have something for you in that glass case!!!! Come and share your Friday with us! Our bud tenders are just waiting to help you make your selection.

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