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A Tour Through Our Mancos Colorado Dispensary

Since The Bud Farm’s beginning we’ve had customers wanting to learn more about our Mancos Colorado dispensary.  We’ve often been asked for tours of our business, and more specifically our grow facility.  Unfortunately, due to our day to day business we really don’t have the time to do in depth tours of our business.  But we still want to share as much as we can about The Bud Farm with potential customers and current customers.  So……we’ve put together a series of videos to go with our new website.

Owner Jim Cody walks you through our Colorado dispensary, showing you from start to finish how we grow our pot!  We’re not afraid to share anything that we know about growing marijuana!  We’ve put a lot of hard work into our plants and our business, and we think you’ll find that we really know how to grow weed!

This posting is Part 1 of our tour series.  In it Jim talks about creating clones, tracking our plants, the lighting and cooling systems used, and what goes into the start of the buds we offer our customers.  Part 2 will be coming shortly, we’re just waiting on our web designers to complete the video editing.

A few things you should know.  There’s a fair amount of background noise in the video.  We’ve got air flowing through our shop 24×7.  Cooling the lights, keeping the plants happy, and keeping a reasonable temperature control for ourselves.  The second item to note would be the lighting in the video.  We have several different types of lights in our “bud farm.”  Many of them cast a very yellow light.  As we move between the different types of lighting you’ll notice it in the video.  And we just wanted to point that out before you started asking yourself, “Why is Jim yellow?”

We hope you enjoy the tour of our Mancos Colorado dispensary.  The video was filmed in HD, and if you’d like to expand the video player to full screen you can do that!

On your next visit to Mancos, Durango, Cortez, and the rest of the Four Corners region, we hope you stop by and see our shop first hand!

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