is hard at work keeping the farm clean and ready for our customers! It has been a crazy and unsure world out there that has changed a great deal in the last months since this pandemic.

We want everyone to know that we are open and operating 7 days a week. We have had our issues with staff shortages, problems getting inventory to the store from Denver, rule changes from the MED and regulations for Covid that have changed how everyone does business. But we are meeting the challenges and waiting for you at the store!

We have received many requests for shipping or delivery of products – we can’t say this enough. It is simply against the law for us to ship marijuana or marijuana products through any shipping service whether in state or out of state. And we are not allowed at this time to offer delivery. So NO – we cannot and will not do that. I am sorry we cannot help you out there. However we do have an on-line ordering service through Leafly.com. By ordering on line,  you come in and simply show your ID and pay for your product which will be packaged and ready to go. This saves you time and exposure. If you have any questions about how to use this service or if you would like to just call ahead and place an order for pickup, please do so! Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you through the process.  Our store number is (970) 533-9931.

Masks are now required by the State and you will need one to enter the store. We are doing our best to provide masks for our customers, but shortages on these are also a challenge. If you have a mask with you, please use it when you come in. All of our staff will be masked and using all precautions per state mandates to keep everyone as safe as possible!

If you have any questions please call and ask! We are happy to help. Stay safe and stay strong! We are a resilient people and we will survive! We look  forward to seeing you soon.

Lea Cody

Bud Farm



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