Why use a bong??? Let me tell you the benefits!



Why use a Bong??We all know that not only do they look awesome, but did you know that they are actually better for you? Water bongs actual help filter the smoke that we so love and enjoy! When the smoke passes through the water in the bong it helps clean the smoke of toxins or other plant material that aren’t necessary to achieve that high your looking for! Bongs not only help clean your smoke, but its also cools the smoke as well. We all know when you light your bud we are burning it in order to in
hale but did you know the heat is what really irritates your lungs? By using water bong the smoke actually cools as it passed through the water still giving you that savory taste of bud, but making it much more pleasurable, and Since THC is not water soluble you won’t loose that sought after goodness we all know and love!

IMG_1234The bong it’s self does have a little fun
history behind it as well. The word Bong is actually from the Thai word “baung” meaning a cylinder wooden tube, pipe or container cut from bamboo. Don’t let the words fool you though, bongs actually are said to have been invented in Africa. Although there is no evidence as to when cannabis made it’s appearance in Africa we know for sure they must have really enjoyed it to make sure an amazing creation for us!!

So now you may ask why all the chat about bongs today?? Well because here at BUD FARM we have expanded our retail section of our store!! That’s right now we have a great selection of Water Bongs that we are thrilled to IMG_1235carry to help our customers achieve the high they are looking for the best way possible, and of course in style! We have revamped our store and now offer not only a better selection of quality affordable pipes, bongs, and vape pens, but are also expanding our product line that we carry for our THC products. Those famous wana gummies everyone loves now also come in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid!! We also have new Chroma Oil from EVOS that tests around 85% THC and is some of the prettiest oils and best tasting oils we’ve tried! Don’t forget about SWEET CO2 we know have a variety of their fantastic disposable vape pens that are excellent for people traveling and on the go. Being nice and descrete and when they are done they are done no hassle no mess!!


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