The Bud Farm Marijuana Dispensary Mancos, CO.


Why should  you come to the Bud Farm?

There are so many reasons!Mancos, Cortez, Durango Colorado Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

First of all, everyone here at the Bud Farm would love to meet you! It is so much fun to hear about our customers; where they come from, what the marijuana laws are in their state – if they have marijuana available to them; what wonderful places they have chosen to visit such as Mesa Verde, river rafting on the Animas River out of Durango, CO, hiking in the mountains or camping and fishing – we love to hear it all! Our bud tenders are a wealth of knowledge for  our customers as well. They can help you decide what products may work the best for you if you are a first timer all the way to getting you what you are looking for if this is old hat for you!

We have a wonderful selection of edibles at the Bud Farm. Everything from gummies, jewels and mints to brownies and our incredible chocolates from Sweet Mary Jane’s! These chocolates are melt in your mouth good! We have concentrates from many local companies including wax, shatter, hash oil and many CBD products. Our hard candies and THC drops and capsules are loved by many and our Canna Punch and Keif Kola fly off the shelves. Our glass pipes are the most beautiful glass around and our prices are the lowest I have seen in the area. We have everything from small one hitters to some fancy bubblers, we carry dab rigs and even a few crazy large bongs! Our fish and elephant pipes are incredibly popular! I have a hard time keeping them in the store!!!!Pot and marijuana accessories in Mancos Colorado

Here at the Bud Farm, we grow our own marijuana and so you get to see it, smell it and watch us put it in the container when you purchase it. No pre-packing here! We have strain specific joints as well as our ever popular hash infused joints. All joints are one gram and rolled  in hemp paper for easy and smooth smoking.

So stop on by! We are just waiting to say hello and see what we can do to help you!

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