Whats Going on in the World of Colorado Cannabis!!!

Whats Going on in the World of Colorado Cannabis!!!

A shout out to my fellow Ganja Connoisseurs. All of us at the Bud Farm are working hard to make the Holiday Season a winner for all of our customers.


If you are a regular Cannabis Shopper then you have probably noticed that there is a change in the overall Marijuana Industry. Prices are much higher than they have been in the past and supply is down. There are several reasons for this. Just recently the Colorado Government passed a law allowing out of state investors to come and buy into the Cannabis Industry. Within a short amount of time a small number of corporations bought 60% of the grows and dispensaries making less wholesale available for everyone else. The remaining grows (many who did not renew their licenses) all raised their prices and the final blow was when several outdoor grows (the largest being Los Suenos) lost 60% of their crops to freezing temperatures. When you combine these three big factors you understand why the Cannabis Market has changed so dramatically in a short amount of time.


It is the small Mom and Pop Dispensaries and the customers who are feeling the effects the most. We at the Bud Farm realize this and are doing all we can to continue providing the best product for the best price while being able to keep our doors open.


Every Friday and Saturday we will put our top tier bud on sale for $20.00 off, we have lowered the prices of our Pre-rolls, grams, eighths, and quarters. And finally we are gearing up for Black Friday offering some Epic Deals to get your holidays off to a great start.


As we adjust to this ever changing market we will constantly be striving to hunt down and provide great deals as we can. We have just recently joined Leafly. I encourage you to download the app if you haven’t already and begin following us. When special deals become available you can be alerted by text so you can always be in the loop on our $99s or any other special we can offer. Find us in Leafly under THE BUD FARM- MANCOS. It lists our entire menu with prices and it is updated every day!!


And finally do not forget to ask our Budtenders about our Loyal Customer Reward Program. If you come in and purchase product three times in a month, the next visit will have a great discount on Bud, edibles, concentrates and more…


We love serving you and look forward to seeing you over the holidays.


The Bud Farm Team

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