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There are a lot of edibles out there, but if you haven’t tried Zoots, then you are missing out! This incredible edible is gluten free and there are no artificial colors or ingredients in these products.

The Brownie Bites, Chocolate Mint and Kooki Dough are only 70 calories per bit with just 5 g of sugar, gluten free an oh, soooooo yummmie! They are made with real caramel and  expresso. There are two bites in each package with 20 mg total on the Brownie Bites and Kooki Dough and 10 mg total on the Chocolate Mint. We also carry the brownie bites in a six pack for your enjoyment!

Zoots also carries drink  additives that are water soluble, gluten free and vegan with only 2.5 calorie per serving. Pot Marijuana Products Mancos, Durango, CortezThese drops come in Yippee KiYay (sativa like energy) and Kick Back (indica like for relation). Functional ingredients are green tea extract and coffee bean extract on the sativa like and chamomile, lemon and honey on the indica like drops.

Then we have the Zoot Rocks – Hard Lozenges. 5 mg per rock, 0 sugar, 0 calories, gluten free and vegan. Flavors include Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Zootberry and Caramel. Can’t beat ’em! And come in on Monday’s and get 15% off all our edibles! It is  our Munchie Monday special!!

For  the month of April we are still running our $99 ounce special and we have $25 1/8ths on growers choice and grower’s pick strains. So these will change from time to time depending on the girls in the back! Right now, the lovely ladies we have for our $25 1/8ths are Colorado Diesel, AK-NL and Southern Colorado Blackberry. Come on in and check them out! We  also continue our daily specials – see the website for the list. But on Monday’s it includes the 15% off edibles, $10 grams and $2.00 off all pre-rolls.

On Tuesday, our special is Two for Tuesdays. Choose any two items and receive 15% off your total! Simple as that. Come on into the Bud Farm! We are just waiting to help you out!

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